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2 friends in the trenches of conscious business trying to balance our spirits & our spreadsheets without losing our minds. Join us for the sacred, raw, and (very!) real luna-cy.



Here is a list of every episode we’ve published to date (from newest to oldest):

Episode 31: Hit Refresh

Join Becca and Maia as we talk about hitting the refresh button so you can take a rest, get clear, and play in the kitchen! We talk about taking guiltless time off, communicating about your downtime, and we share our favorite ways to sweeten the holiday season...

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Episode 26: Scared to Shine?

Join Becca and Maia as they answer a listener’s question about taking the polish off your shine to protect other people’s feelings. This conversation’s not going where you think it is…

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Episode 21: Summer Rambling

Maia & Becca chat about the energy of summer in your business and life, and touch upon what it means to REALLY be the boss of your business. SHOW NOTES: “Clarity is the ultimate form of respect” - Becca   We mentioned our friend Lola of Wild Playground   If...

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Episode 20: Alchemize Your Envy

Feeling a little green around the gills? Join Becca and Maia as we talk about shifting envy into appreciation and deepening your understanding of what you personally need to be truly happy.

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Episode 13: Get Engaged

In this episode, Maia and Becca talk about finding empathy and building a meaningful relationship with clients and customers.

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